Word 2010 Videos - Creating Your Own Template

We saw earlier how creating a new document based on a template can save you lots of time and effort because all the work it takes to design the document has already been done for you. As well as using the templates that come with Word 2010, or downloading templates created by other people, you can create and save your own templates for future use. First of all you need to create a document that will serve as the template, and here's an invoice I made earlier.

An invoice is just the kind of document that needs to have a set format, and one that will be created over and over again. It's the perfect example of why you would make a template.

We create the template as we would any normal document, but the magic step is where we save it. We click on the File tab, click Save as, and let's give the template a name. We'll call this one quote - blue. Now, down here, in the Save as type, we need to change that to Word Template.

Notice up here there is Templates folder within Microsoft Word. If we save our template in there, then we'll be able to see the template in the My templates category, so let's select that and click Save.

OK, that's the template saved. Now let's use it! We'll click on the File tab > New. Now, if we go to My templates, and we'll just scroll down. There's quote - blue, that's the template we've just created. So, select that. Ensure that Create New Document is selected and click OK.

Notice that this is a new document. This is document 7, it's not the template. So, we've just created a new document based on one of our own templates.

If you decide that you no longer need a template, then you can always delete it. And we do that by clicking the File tab > New > My templates, and we're just trying to find the template we've just created. There it is, quote - blue. Right click on it and select Delete. And it's gone.

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