Word 2010 Videos - Find And Replace

If you want to find particular words or phrases in your Word document, then the Find command, over here, on the Home tab, is the place to go. When we click it, the Navigation pane opens up on the left, and we can start typing our search phrase into the box. Word finds and highlights all the occurrences of what we type as we type it. Each occurrence is displayed here, in the Navigation Pane, and the surrounding words are displayed, too, to help us locate the occurrence we want.

So, if we just scroll down, and suppose we want this occurrence, we want to find that on page 2, we'll just click it and Word positions to that occurrence.

When we close the Navigation Pane, the highlighting is removed.

Another way to open up the Navigation Pane is to use the keyboard shortcut of ctrl-f. There we go.

Suppose the author of a document has typed the wrong phrase repeatedly throughout the document, and we need to correct it. This is where Word's Replace tool comes in. What we're going to do is replace all occurrences of teh phrase "home tab" with "homey tab", just for a laugh. To do that, we'll need to click on Replace, and in the Fine what box, we're going to leave "home tab" and we're going to type "homey tab" in the Replace with box.

If we click Replace, that will replace the next occurrence of "home tab" with "homey tab". If you wanted to replace only certain occurrences of the phrase, then what you might do is click on Find Next to skip over the current occurrence and then click Replace to change the next occurrence. Otherwise, you can just click Replace All to replace all occurrences of "home tab" with "homey tab".

Here, Word tells us how many times it's replaced the phrase in the document, and it says that 22 replacements were made. So, we're just going to close down that window and then close down this one too.

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