Word 2010 Videos - Printing Envelopes

We can use Word 2010 to print envelopes and labels. Let's define our envelope by going to the Mailings tab, and by clicking on Envelopes. Here, we type in our delivery address, like so, and if we want a return address to appear, then we can type one in here, and that will appear in the top left hand corner of the envelope.

Envelope Options

We can click on the options button to open the Envelope Options window, and using this we can change the envelope size. There are quite a few to choose from here, but we're just going to stick with the default. If you find that your envelope size isn't listed, you can actually create your own size by clicking on Custom Size, and here you define the height and width of your envelope. Let's return that back to Size 10.

Using the two font buttons, you can change the font that the delivery address and return address print in. Clicking on font gives us a font selection window, and you can see all the fonts you've probably seen before here. We're not going to change the font here; we'll just cancel out of that.

These boxes, here, allow us to change the position of the delivery address in relation to the left hand side of the envelope, and also the top. We'll just leave those at the default auto settings for now.

With the Printing Options, we tell Microsoft Word where envelope will be on the tray as we feed it into the printer. You can select face up or face down. The selected one here, that shows it fairly central on the tray. Down here you can select which tray feeds into the printer. We'll just leave that at Automatically Select. Click OK on that.

Now, Word doesn't provide us with a preview to see what the address will look like on the envelope, but we can get round that by clicking on Add to Document. And there it is, and that looks OK. So what we'll do is ctrl-z to undo that, and now we're in a position to print our envelopes.

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