Word 2010 - Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is situated in the top left hand corner of the workspace, above the ribbon. It contains the more commonly used commands, like Save, Undo and Redo. Because the commands in the Quick Access Toolbar are visible whichever tab you're working in, you don't have to waste time jumping to another tab to use them.

You can also add new commands to the Quick Access Toolbar, so if ther's one that you find you use a lot, for example, inserting pictures, find the command, right click on it and select Add to Quick Acces Toolbar. And there it is.

Removing it is just as easy: right click on it and select Remove from Quick Access Toolbar. And it's gone.

You can also use the little down arrow to add and remove commands. If it's already displayed, there's a tick next to it. Let's add Quick Print. There it is. And to remove it in the same way: uncheck Quick Print. And it's gone again.

If you don't like where the Quick Access Toolbar is displayed, you can click on the down arrow and Show Below the Ribbon. There it is. Moving it back is the same principle, but this time select Show Above the Ribbon.

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