Word 2010 Videos - Setting Tabs Example

In this tutorial, we're going to look at a short example of how to set tabs in a transcript document. It's a transcript of an interview.

The Different Tab Types

The first thing that you should know is that there are different types of tab that you can set. The symbol, here, indicates which one. We can cycle through the different types of tab by clicking on the symbol. At the moment, if we click on the ruler, we'll be setting a left tab, but if we click once, that changes it to a centre tab. Click it again and it becomes a right tab. And there are quite a few different types of tab that you can set.

In our transcript example, we only need the left tab and the right tab. We're going to set a right tab for the person's name, and then we're going to set a left tab for all the words that have been said.

Setting Tabs

So, let's cycle through the tab types and find the right tab first. OK, so that's set to right tab. Now when we click on the ruler, that will set a right tab stop. If we set it here, that should give us enough room for names. So, there you can see, there's a right tab. And now, if we cycle through to the left tab again. There we go. I think we'll put it there. Click again.

So, the right tab, what that will is that will right align the names that we type, and the left tab will left align the words that are said.

OK, now that the tab stops are set, let's type the interview. Well, I'm going to cheat a little now because I've got the interview saved in this notepad file over here. So, what I'm going to do is copy from this file and then paste it into the Word document. So, first of all, let's copy "Interviewer", and then what we need to do is tab across to this right tab stop, and then paste. And notice how "Interviewer" is right aligned, right up to the right tab stop.

Now let's go back to Notepad and copy the words that the interviewer said, go back to the Word document, and this time tab across to the left tab stop, and paste. There we go. And you probably can't tell too well, but these words are left aligned. Let's see how this document takes shape as we copy and paste more of the interview.

Pressing Enter now to go to the next line. And, tab across to the right tab, paste, tab across again. Let's copy this text. OK, that wrapped round so what I will do is tab that across. Tab, tab, tab. And, there we go. Press Enter. Tab across. We can really see this document taking shape now, and it's all thanks to setting tabs.

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