Word 2010 Videos - Copying And Moving Text

Two of the most common tasks that people perform in Microsoft Word are copying text and moving it. You can copy text from one place to another within the same document, and you can also copy text from one document to another. You can copy text from one Microsot Office program to another, and you can even copy from other sources like web pages into your Word document.

Before you can copy text, you first need to select it, and once selected, you can see that the Cut and Copy commandsbecome available on the Home tab.

If you want to move your text, click on Cut, reposition the cursor where you want the text to go - I'll just press space here - then click Paste.

Let's undo that by pressing Ctrl-z on the keyboard. There we go. And... once more, and again. And there it is, there's the previous selection. If, instead, you prefer using the keyboard, then you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-x to "cut" the text, and then do the same thing: reposition the cursor where you want the text to go, and using another keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-v, we can paste the text.

Copying text follows the same principle. Let's select some more text. There we go. And click on Copy, reposition the cursor here, and click on Paste.

Let's undo that and get back to our previously selected text by pressing Ctrl-z, and if you prefer using the keyboard, you can use the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl-c to copy the text. move to a new location, and Ctrl-v to paste it.

Now, you can also move text in a much more visual way, and I'll demonstrate that now by selecting some text, and then clicking on the selection with the left mouse button, and then dragging it to its new location, and then releasing the mouse button. There's the text inserted.

Similarly, you can cop text, in a very similar way, by holding down Ctrl as you drag. So, I'll just hold down Ctrl and drag the selected text down to the end, and there you can see we've now got a copy.

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